As the rain increased I was lured into baking kanelbullar as so many others on Facebook just posted pics of their results. Below you can follow my pics.


Full speed on my machine…and see how huge it turned out after 45 mins.IMG_7533IMG_7535

As I had spread the butter+spices (which comes from a recipe by Martin Johansson in his book “Surdegsbröd” – so yummy!) the first roll turned out to be quite long. And evenly rolled with the spread in nice swirls:-)


I used my special peppargrinder which I have for cardamom. It gives you so much better flavour when they are newly ground – worth investing in a good one. This one was a Christmas gift from my boys. Andy and Jamie helped out. Both in tasting, eating and in preparing the kanelbullar. The last batch got a different spread as I ran out of it. So in the last I tried butter, mandelmassa, vanilla sugar, sugar and cardamom. They were in a class of their own.



But hey, lets wait a while before we clean up the mess 😉



Return if possible!!


5 years since my momor Birgit passed away and here we are visiting the grave of her and my morfar. I dreamt of my morfar in Italy and it was a dream where I could say a proper goodbye! I woke up and felt at peace, I hope he is well too! And mormor also! IMG_7498 IMG_7499 IMG_7500 IMG_7501 IMG_7502  IMG_7503

Then we put some flowers on my dad´s grave as well. Miss him soo much . And I would have liked for him and Snowy to have met. At midsummers when we sat down for lunch. My brother asked “Is there anything we miss at the table?”. Jamie´s reply came instantly “Morfar”. At that moment I believe we all had tears in our eyes.

Please! Return if possible!! #RIP