Bye bye Skolporten, colleagues, work, employment and co-ownership!

Yes, it is that day – my first day of no work at Skolporten where I have spent the last 7yrs and 9 months. They say it takes 7 yrs for all the cells in your body to be renewed/replaced by a new cell, so this is a good time to leave and meet a new future. A very undiscovered future – as I quit without having a new job yet.

It has been an awesome trip and I wrote a little something about it here. I started out as a project coordinator and finished off as a co owner and CEO. So many colleagues that I will miss not working with – you guys are amazing! Keep it up!

What to do next? Well I don´t really know. Apart from the fact that I have received a few phone calls and booked a few lunches with possible business partners/employers in November. And I have also booked a beginners course for pottery which I am looking forward to. And in March I will take a course to be a certified coach.

Life cannot be better than it is today!

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