Mabon – the harvest god

I was browsing the net and came upon this site with a reference to the Celtic god – Mabon. As it was in Swedish I decided to google it some more – and came up with this:

“Mabon is the Autumn Equinox and the second of the harvest festivals. Some various other names for this Lesser Wiccan Sabbat are: The Second Harvest Festival, Wine Harvest, Feast of Avalon, Equinozio di Autunno (Strega), Alben Elfed (Caledonii), or Cornucopia. The Teutonic name, Winter Finding, spans a period of time from the Sabbat to Oct. 15th, Winter’s Night, which is the Norse New Year.

Once again, the day and night are equal in length and we all take a moment to pay our respects to the impending dark. We also give thanks to the waning sunlight, as we store our harvest of this year’s crops.

The Druids called this celebration Mea’n Fo’mhair. It is to honor the the Green Man, the God of the Forest, by offering libations to trees. Offerings of ciders, wines, herbs and fertilizer are appropriate at this time. Wiccans celebrate the aging Goddess as she passes from Mother to Crone, and her consort the God as he prepares for death and re-birth. 

At this festival it is appropriate to wear all of your finery and dine and celebrate in a lavish setting. It is the drawing to and of family as we prepare for the winding down of the year at Samhain.

Mabon is a time to finish old business as we ready for a period of rest, relaxation, and reflection. This is also time to give thanks for the year and a time to look at the consequences of our actions, then let them go. It is time to set ourselves new goals.” Source: The Pagan Journey

It feels good to know a little bit more about our family name!