DIY chrochet basket

Found a really simple description of mini baskets here. Made four so far.
Will probably make more.
Now wondering if Evelina has started crocheting from her yarn yet?
A few pics of the masterpieces below:



Oh, and in true Lakshmi spirit – must show off my new blue glittery shoes that go so well with my turmaline ring and the new nail polish.

Over and out from the crafting-lady….

Green – the healing colour…

…or a tribute to Jo Hall – friend, massage therapist, pt, coach, inspirationer, problem solver, energy giver and lots of more positive affirmations/titles/adjectives/etc – as we at our session on tuesday at her place, Good To Go at Bergsgatan 8, spoke of green and the positive healing effect it has.

Here´s to Jo! – And may your greens be with you 🙂

healing greenhealing greenhealing greenhealing greenIMG_8557IMG_8558healing greenhealing greenhealing greenIMG_8566IMG_8565healing greenHealing greenHealing greenhealing green