Exiles run up the point

The Ladies started off with a 99 – 5 win against Berserkers while the Men put Enköping to the sword with a 71 – 17 win in Enköping. In addition Hammarby beat Trojan 32 – 17 in Norrköping while Enköping Ladies beat Uppsala 36 – 10.

Not much to say about the Berserkers game. They had 12 players last week and 13 against Exiles. Don´t know what has happened to their 27 licensed players. Uppsala beat Enköping easily in May but lost by even more today. Explanation: Uppsala with injured key players and Enköping strengthened by players from Linköping. Enköping can now go to the something less than exciting semi against Vänersborg. Looks like Exiles to meet Pingvin in the other semi.
Hammarby´s win against Trojan definitely confirms Trojan to the 5th spot and a playoff against the winner of the Div. 1 playoffs. To get 3rd place Hammarby would have to beat Enköping by more than 18 points in their final home game next week. Not impossible but perhaps unlikely.
Match of the day, still not reported at 9 pm, was Enköping at home to Exiles. As players return from injury and other commitments, the Exiles team is getting stronger and stronger and this was very clear today. It looked ominous when Antoine scored an easy try on the wing for Exiles after 6” but Enköping responded with a well-worked try by Simon Lundin on the other wing.
Enköping held up well in the scrum for the first quarter of the match although they had difficulties at the lineout. Exiles began to dominate and in the final 15” of the first half they ran in five tries to make it 45 – 5 at the break. If Exiles had continued with their best players the score might have approached 100, but instead they removed half a dozen of their best players, saving them for the decisive match against Pingvin next match. This let Enköping into the game, also helped by a never ending series of penalties against Exiles. Ashley added another try on 50” for Exiles. Enköping continued to press, however, and Tim finally managed to force his way over. Great rejoicing when Ian Gowland returned after an eight month break due to an ankle injury and scored within 30 seconds. Enköping got a further try but Exiles responded with two more after some lovely interpassing. Final score 71 – 17 with an 11 – 3 try-count to Exiles. Neill put over 6 conversions and Oliver 2. Some lovely running from new full back Ashley: he and Antoine got a pair each, while seven others got one each. Oliver, unusually at 9 had another good game as did Dustin controlling the game at 10.
The pack pushed Enköping all over the park and Tower dominated at the lineout. Theo Karlsson at prop is a real find and should have great success in the future.
Enköping should not be too downhearted, this was easily Exiles best game of the season and the young Enköping players stood up to them pretty well. Exiles will go into next week´s game against Pingvin confident that they can reverse the five point deficit and win the league.